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Effective Nonverbal Communication in an Interview

In a job interview, the answers you give to specific questions are an important part of landing the job. Your answers are not the only criteria that interviewers use to evaluate you, however. Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. If you can give off the right nonverbal cues, you’ll have a much better chance of impressing the hiring team.

Here are five tips to help you give off the right signals at your next interview:

1. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is an essential form of nonverbal communication. Strong eye contact demonstrates confidence and can help build rapport with the interviewer. Eye contact should be natural, however. Don’t overcorrect and land in staring territory, which can be uncomfortable.

2. Use Correct Posture

Nobody likes a slouch – especially in an interview setting. Be sure to sit tall, with your back straight, shoulders back, and head high. This will communicate confidence as well as trustworthiness.

3. Smile!

Smiles are contagious. If you smile brightly at your interviewers, it will help them relax, and will set a positive tone for the meeting. Smiling also portrays a positive attitude, which every employer is looking for.

4. Watch Your Hands

Hand gestures are sometimes important for emphasis, but be careful not to talk too much with your hands. Gestures can be distracting, and you don’t want to take your interviewer’s attention away from the content of your answers. Keep your hands on the conference room table, gently folded, or if you’re not seated at a table, fold them in your lap.

5. Tone of Voice

Voice tone is a form of nonverbal communication, and is especially important during phone interviews, as this is the only way the interviewer can get a sense of your personality. Monotone talking can make you seem unexcited. On the other hand, speaking up, speaking clearly, and changing to the tone of your voice to match your emphasis can help engage the interviewer in what you’re saying.

It can be difficult to gage your own nonverbal communication style. An excellent way to prepare for interviews and perfect your nonverbal communication is to partner with a professional recruiter.  Recruiters can help prepare you for interviews by working with you to perfect your posture, eye contact, hand gestures, and voice tone so that you’ll send the right messages to hiring managers.

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