3 Free Resume Templates for Engineering Sales Positions

Resume builders can be a great tool for professionals in technical fields like sales engineering who don’t necessarily feel comfortable composing and designing a resume from scratch.  Online resume software allows users to access applications and templates for free.

Choosing Resume Templates for Engineering Sales Positions

When choosing a resume template website, be sure to do some comparisons before you decide. You want to be sure that you’re comfortable with your choice and that the resume you create meets the standards of the hiring managers you’re trying to impress.

If you’re looking for some guidance when it comes to choosing a resume builder, here are three options to get you started:

  1. LiveCareer is simple to use, and offers a variety of professional templates to choose from. They help job seekers strike the right balance of keywords and “buzzwords,” based upon the industry in which they work. You can build your resume for free online but they do charge a nominal fee to download the resume (less than $5), and offer a $35 monthly membership plan. If you do not wish to join the membership, be sure to contact their online customer service as soon as you’ve downloaded your resume to prevent the charge.
  2. Resume Genius is also easy to use. You are able to browse templates to determine whether or not this site has what you’re looking for before you create an account. You can search and select resume templates by job category, to help compose a resume that utilizes the right keywords that hiring managers will be looking for.  This site also charges a nominal download fee, and will auto-enroll users into a membership plan if the user does not cancel their subscription within a week.
  3. Resume Now works similarly to other resume template websites. You can build your resume for free, and then download it for a nominal fee. They offer helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right template for your industry, and they offer resume content creation tips, as well.

No matter which resume builder you choose, always read the terms and conditions before creating an account. If you take the time to build a professional engineering sales resume online, it can be worth it to pay the download fee, but if you don’t want to join membership sites, be sure to cancel as soon as your new resume is saved to your computer.

Seek Additional Advice

Before you create a resume online, it can be helpful to seek out some professional advice from recruiters who are “in the know.”  Working with a recruiter can give your job search a boost, and can give you a fresh perspective when it comes to the creation of your resume.

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