3 Ways to Land Your Engineering Dream Job

Landing your dream engineering job takes a lot of hard work and fortitude. There is a reason that they call them “dream jobs.” Most people assume that they don’t have much of a chance of ever seeing that dream come true. But with a plan, patience, and persistence, engineers can improve that chances that they will land the job of their dreams.

One: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has proven itself to be a great networking tool for job seekers. Headhunters, recruiters, and hiring managers all spend a great deal of time on LinkedIn, so it’s worth it for engineers to create and optimize a profile.  Some basic LinkedIn tips:

  • Use a professional-looking headshot
  • Include keywords in your profile headline
  • Fill out your profile completely
  • Be clear about your career goals
  • Follow companies you are interested in
  • Join professional groups

Spend a little time each day perfecting your profile, making new connections, and engaging in discussions on professional groups. People who are diligent on LinkedIn report a great deal of success.

Two: Engage in In-Person Networking

Networking is one of the most effective ways to create new contacts, improve your interpersonal skills, and eventually find your dream job.  When you cultivate strong relationships with others in your area of engineering expertise, your contacts will be more likely to notify you of upcoming openings, and recommend you to their hiring managers or peers.

Many engineers shy away from networking. “Working a room” is an extroverted activity, and the thought can be intimidating. Always start small, and if necessary, bring someone with you. As you become more comfortable, and as you cultivate a strong network, you’ll know more people at each event, and those contacts can introduce you to others. Networking is a long-game strategy, but when used consistently, can produce significant rewards.

Three: Volunteer with a Nonprofit

Nonprofits are always looking for volunteers to help them with all aspects of running their business. No matter what your engineering specialty, you can likely find a nonprofit near you that can benefit from your expertise. New engineers with little practical experience can use volunteer work as a way to beef up their resume, and experienced engineers can use volunteer work as a way to make new contacts and create a well-rounded candidate profile.

Don’t Do It Alone

It can help to seek out a partner to help you on your quest to land your engineering dream job. Consider working with a recruiter who specializes in technical fields. These recruiters already have a strong network of contacts in the industry – perhaps even at your dream company – and they can help you get a leg up on your competition.  If you are an engineer looking to land your dream job, contact The Prevalent Group today. Our team of engineering recruiters can help you locate the perfect position that aligns with your skills and your long-term career goals.